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Hey Snooxi,

so to start ill just go over my talents and how i feel about our stat priority right now..

talents i use for raids (usually 15-20 raid members):

undulation -> graceful spirit -> “cap” totem -> ancestral guidance -> earthern shield totem -> Cloudburst -> High tide

In  my opinion High Tide is 100% essential in raids.  From my experience chain heal is by far our most powerful non-cooldown spell we have..  And the combination of ancestral guidance, cloudburst and healing tide can spike your hps to almost 2million if done correctly.

For the stat priority, focus primarily on mastery followed by crit.. the reason we dont need haste is because of our tidal wave procs.. and vers is just way to weak of a stat atm for us.  Honestly i have had no problems with our stat priority and have felt no need to tweak it in any way.. for reference i have about 105% mastery and about 26% crit, which seems to work for me just fine.

A few tips for ya:

I would suggest changing your riptide talent and echo of the elements to the talents i use for your raiding situations, the reason being; your combination will make riptides your primary source of gaining tidal wave stacks when chain heal should be. I noticed for some of your fights you use a lot of single target heals but i believe you will find better success if you primarily use chain heal and focus on consuming tidal wave procs by using healing wave/surge.. tidal waves are very important because they help us stay efficient in our rotation due to the fact that chain heal is a costly spell to use consistently.. Lastly, cloudburst totem is AMAZING, it is a very important talent for us because it has the ability to amplify our already crazy aoe healing.. Like i said in the first paragraph, if you combine cloudburst with ancestral guidance and healing tide totem, you have the ability to burst up to around 2million hps.. linking logs below.

p.s. just one little thing i just thought of while linking the log.. sometimes when im looking over my fights to see the breakdown, i count how many tidal wave stacks i could have created and how many i hypothetically consumed during the fight.. for example, with the fight i linked, i created 52 stacks of tidal waves (chain heal + riptide) and hypothetically consumed 39 (healing wave + healing surge).  I would consider 39/52 to be an o.k. amount of stacks consumed for an aoe intensive fight but if your consuming less than half of your stacks then that can be a problem aswell

I hope this response helped you, if you have any more questions feel free to reply back