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Hi nihilith, thank you for taking another look, and thank you for your kind answer.

I’m in a hospital for a few more days, but I didn’t want to wait days before answering, so now I’m using my phone. I have a lot of time to type, but it’s still not much fun. So sorry if my answer is a bit short πŸ™‚

I’m from germany btw.

The 4:30 heal stacking is probably mostly because it was a first kill, so whdn we had good damage and most dd alive at 4:30 we were just throwing out everything for another 30 seconds of dps. The fight is on a timer, so we weren’t worried about having to endure another phase.

I think wow is just this silly thing for me right now. I need something to focus on, something to keep me busy, so I sink everything into healing in wow, and improving as much as I can. Maybe I’ll keep at it, but honestly, my hope is something way more important takes it’s place at some point. Not having a life besides wow and all isn’t such a good thing if you really look at it. ^_^ but for as long as that is still the case, I’m curious what I can achieve. So that is my motivator. Not a cognitive disability, but I use it to get over a bad phase, so depression doesn’t eat me alive πŸ™‚

Last time it was starcraft2,… Dota… Wow. Always something. ^^ keeps me sane. Being limited in some way is just life. I hope you are well, take care, and thanks. Also curious now why you wanted to know where I was from, and Β where you are from? Maybe I can’t find it on my tiny phone screen, but I think there is no profile page whith those details…