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I looked at the logs and I wonder, is there a reason you and the druid cast your cd’s at the same time (04:30 roughly)? Unless it’s needed there that would be a reason your HTT overheals so much at the end there. And I agree, 41% overheal is a lot, that could for sure be used more wisely. I personally find riptide is one of those things that can get pushed to the side when you scramble to heal people in high pressure situations, I struggle with that myself and I look at my own logs and go “Damn you brain, riptide is a thing to be cast, it’s not that hard, gawh.” it just needs to comply more often I feel.

I’ve yet to progress as healer on mythic Ursoc (maybe this week, we’ll see) but my personal plan is to use AG for CBT feeding mostly (as I usually do when specced into CBT/AG). Although, I’m still debating if I should go bottomless depths on Ursoc or not. I was setting up charge cd’s for our team and came to the conclusion that damn, a druid would be nice (our druid and former heal lead stopped playing a few weeks back, sad times) for the 2min tranq, have non cd’ed charge to deal with, should be interesting.

Glad to hear the advice has been working out for you. I think it’s definitely okay for you to give feedback if you feel you can contribute. I see it like this: it’s a community where we help eachother out so if you feel you have advice to give, give away. Almost everyone has room for improvement (playing perfect is unattainable for the most part since, well being human tends to be a thing) and even if you know the theory, practice is sometimes where things can fall apart. I can go to myself for example, I know different areas where I have room for improvement, I also know that I’m limited as to how much I can improve (I have some cognitive disabilities that are limiting, especially in high stress situations). What I’m trying to say is this, we’re all learning and if you spot things that could be helpful share away. I personally learnt the most about logs when I started reading other peoples way back in Firelands I was in charge of log evalution for my then guild.

And no there aren’t. Mostly I think because it’s time consuming. I personally don’t always have the time nor the available energy to do so. And how in-depth I look into the logs depends on the logs and my own energy capacity for that day. So, the more people that can contribute is awesome I think.

Out of curosity (you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to, just say so) which country are you from?