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Ah, I guess I should maybe post this log.

All the advice has been working out nicely for me.

if you activate the healers on graph you can tell right away that we had “charge” duty sorted out, so I wasn’t as flexible as I would’ve liked, but…

25 riptide casts in 5minutes is definetly not fine. I think it should be closer to 40-45 with a theoretical max of 51 casts I think… Also not sure about stacking AG+HTT on second,… maybe use AG more flexible, since the fight won’t ever go for 6 minutes, so I don’t have to worry about a third potential cooldown going to waste. I think it was overkill with HTT and baited me into using too much mana inefficiently early on. (was fun to see that I could reach 1,250 HPS peaks though :D) but 41% overheal on HTT is just sad, expecially since I have all the healing relevant artifact traits (the one with stacking +heal% on HTT aswell). I need to think more about how / when to place HTT in order to get the most out of that trait I guess.

Btw… do you think it’s okay for me to give other people some feedback aswell? I’m not sure if I’m good enough yet myself. I feel as if I’m only just starting to spot all the things I could improve, and I don’t have a lot of log reading experience… Feels weird to give advice to anyone. At the same time there aren’t a lot of people reading logs right now right?