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Looking better!

Here are some things you can improve on:

– Riptide is getting better though there’s still some room for improvement. Here is how you calculate it: seconds in a fight (in your case 218 seconds) divide by riptide cd (6 secs) you get 36,3 with Echo you should be able to get a few more in as well.

– Your healing stream totem usage is low you cast it 3 times, you can get much more use out of it!

– If you chain heal focus high tide will be more valuable unless you need the extra cd from Ascendance, which it didn’t sem like you needed on that fight since you didn’t cast it once.

– Healing Rain can be cast more, especially on Ursoc normal since there’s no need to move for miasma. If you have a stacked group for it aim to cast it on cd.

– You can get more use out of spiritwalker’s grace, for Ursoc aim to use it for each time your group gets charged, if talented (which you are) you will have one for each charge.