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Honestly, it comes down to you actions per minute. You are getting very few casts off.

I compared out Ursoc kills. We have about the same haste, and yet you got an average of 20.4 casts per minute to my 28.8, and I am far from perfect. This is an easy way to increase HPS, stop cancelling your casts, stop fidgeting around, get more out there! How is the player getting X casts off supposed to beat the player getting 1.5X casts off? That’s kinda how it works.


Next, as Nihilith said, you are low on Riptide, 15 to my 32 in about the same time window.


Also, something wonky with your Gift of the Queen usage. My average heal is 1.34m per casts, yours is 439k. Again, we aren’t far off on gear, I believe this is how you are using it. Make sure six targets can benefit from the GotQ cast.


Make sure stream is down on CD, as long as ANY existing damage is present. I got two more casts off of it.


For reference, here is the logs that I am comparing yours to.


Hope this helps!