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Maybe it came across that way, but I don’t think Vids replace Logfiles. I will most certainly keep looking at both.

But when I have, say, this situation: I get knocked back by entangled players a lot, and I want to know if it’s my fault or if some DH that was entangled suddenly leaped through half the raid…

I look at the Video it takes me 2 seconds to see “yup, my faul. Shouldn’t have stood there.”. With a Log it might well not be something I can answer.

But with another thing, like “how is my riptide uptime/casting?” I’m not going to sit through a video with a paper sheet and a calculator making marks, counting them and compare them to time/cooldown, I’m just going to look at the logs. In reverse that would have taken me ages looking at the video, and only seconds looking at the logs.

So I’m not going to stop looking at either, although, maybe I should, I dreamt of Spiderbirds last night. Maybe I should see a psychiatrist. 😛