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I agree with your sentiment about the logs when it comes to the ranking part it’s not the be all end all of anything really, the other things like casts, uptimes, overheals etc. are what is useful to know. I use it mostly to check am I casting x ability at an appoproate time, how is my mana usage, my uptimes, overhaling and all those tasty things, for me that’s easier to do in written format, a video has (for me) too much information I can’t sort properly (different brains do things well, differently). I mostly posted my own to show that whilst CBT is great if used properly it won’t make or break anything (I was also suprised myself, going to run more Echo and see how I get on).

I think it’s great advice though, to use a video, if you find it helps you more than logs then go for it, as I usually say there is only one right way to do things and that’s the way that works for you, even if it isn’t something that works for others. I process my own information better through reading it and looking at logs, but that’s because I have a hard time sorting visual information.

Yeah, it is, once I managed to get the timings down on heroic it made such a difference, we whacked it on mythic last night some after spiderbird died (I dps’ed though so no healing to test sadly). Spiderbird is such a mess of fight, I mostly felt like I was flailing around trying to smash boss, hehe. Hopefully I get to heal Ursoc next week (we only raid two nights so all done for the week) it seems so awesome to heal, dpsing it is meh though, just hit things and move, not super engaging. The prot paladin in your raid isn’t solo soaking winds 😮 That seems so odd to me.