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This discussion has helped me a ton. We killed nythendra and renferral today and managed to get a few ursoc tries in aswell with the new guild lineup (we merged with another guild who had the same issues).

It’s a bit difficult when two different raids merge, tactics clashing and two raidleaders discussing, but I think we managed fine. (Also having RClootcouncil is nice, since nobody feels left out when “both” former raidleads have a vote)

Anyway,… I wasn’t even close to being comfortable with the new spec. Gotq was never lined up correctly, healing rain casts during cbt, and cbt not lining up with any significant damage half of the time, as well as misstimed AG. Facing so many things I had to learn again I decided to drop EST for now, and get back to it once I am somewhat comfortable with CBT mechanics again. I still have to actively think about it at all times, and that really shows.

But I wanted to share this, because I feel it’s an important lesson I learned: Log rankings are a fun thing to play at, but they are not a measure of how well you do as a healer. I had this discussion with @ishkur this morning, and I told him he should pay less attention to rankings and HPS spam, and maybe try to do a video and analyze his moment to moment actual decision making durin the raid to determine if he can improve anything.

And I think I will take my own advice. Still, I managed to put out a lot more healing when we needed it, and the ursoc fight… damn that fight is awesome for cbt.

For anyone interested, I will share the video. It’s messy, and I think I played pretty bad, but I can see a lot of potential so I will just keep practicing 🙂

Thank you all for your feedback!