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I agree for dungeons that’s what I would run with too for the most part. I run with Torrent or Und, Waves or AG (mostly Waves though), Echo and Ascendance (or did when mythics were new). I don’t run mythic+ sadly (for various reasons). I’d like to but I don’t think I could find a group for it. Though normal mythics are so easy now (gear inflation) I tend to just stick with Torrent, Waves, Echo and High Tide, mostly because it fits well with doing most things and I can hit things with lava when bored. I read what you wrote on mythic dungeon talents, very insightful and helpful.

EST for Cenarius would probably be the way to go I think, I can just look at our heroic logs and compare mine (AV) to our other resto shaman running EST, it’s great even on heroic due to the ticking damage from the stacking debuff, hence why I’ve heard rumours it’s good on dragons and nyth if people are stacked enough for it, for the same reason. It can most likley be used in other situtations as well, for me AV is a personal choice more than anything (I might feel different on mythic Cenarius, when I get there) and also since we often run a 2 resto shaman comp I just feel it’s more useful to spread around the talents a bit.

Focuser ring helps, a ton from what I’ve understood, sadly I don’t have it myself but it will skew things for sure, same will things like innervates/symbol of hope (I think there’s a top resto shaman Ursoc ranking with some silly number of innervates). Same for the bracers and surge usage, this would be an occassion where using surge would more viable than any other time.

But yeah that low overheal šŸ˜€

I tried a really weird hybrid build for mythic Nyth last night, didn’t pan out how I’d hoped (was running Und/AG/Echo/Tide). I thought I could get more use out of Und than I did (was also curious to see how it would work out in a more chain heal centric build, not as well as I wanted was the answer to that one sadly, which I expected in all honesty, I was mostly curious theroy vs practice and all).

On our heroic Ursoc kill (we should drop healers for that one too I feel, I ran as dps for the first few bosses) I managed to get awesome timed CBT’sĀ  with little overheal, although I managed to compensate with shitty Gift usage (we changed our positioning strat and my insomniac brain was very unhappy with that and got all confused) I also swapped out from standard CBT to Echo for heroic Xavius and managed to pull roughly the same numbers as I do with CBT (note on the 405k parse, people were being derps and not killing adds so those are mastery inflated). If you want to peek for comparison you can see here: