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Back to topic!

So I asked for permission to post this Cenarius log from shaman Discord

this is pure CBT feeding, during progress no less. In this log both ^focuser of jonat and nobundo were involved though. I have to wonder how viable this is without those two, but really, holy cow this is powerful.

(gave me joy to see EST being used. I think I’ll go back to that totem from time to time, and just practice placing is more effectively in stacked fights, choosing AV vs EST based on how spread we are during damage)

So this is scary: 573,886.0 HPS over a 4:22 second fight, and he has almost 50% mana left over in the end with healing surge being the second biggest source of healing. Holy cow. So like,… are those artifacts basicly mandatory?

At least it’s clear to me now that you can very much heal a progression raid on CBT instead of multiple healing CDs like ascension, if you learn to time the CBT correctly. Just wow. This is the chainheal cast + cbt cast numbers. The overheal numbers… I have to practice. A lot.