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I could only play around with it during normal raid, wich is completely pointless. But I think I can get used to it. Had to play enhancement offspec during HC because we wanted to try out a few new healers and my dps was pitiful since I don’t have good gear for enhancement.

The feeling I got was that this spec is excellent at stabilizing the raid after heavy damage, whereas the spec I played before was excellent at saving single people or just a small group. Thats why I’ll probably stick with it for dungeons, because I don’t think I can push more or less instantly 500-600k hps for 20 seconds on a group of 5 using chainheal and cbt… We actually use that when boosting mos +5/+6 keys for 3 chests, pulling everything up to the first boss, including the boss, and then I just go crazy with all the heal cds. It’s a lot of fun, you should try it if you haven’t. (don’t try it with bolstering though)

I hope the mythic raid tomorrow goes well, maybe I have some logs then.

Also, if you experiment with anything, would be awesome if you could share. Even if it didn’t work out.