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I have switched around a few weights and made a pawn set for dungeon healing (crit heavy) and a pawn set for raid (mastery heavy). Of course I’m bound by the items I have, but I went from 30.5% crit to 24%, from 10.5% haste to 12.3 and from 86.5% mastery to 92.6. (I always thought mana management was my strong suite, so it really doesn’t make sense to stack so much crit. I blame AskMrRobot ofc. For -everything-.)

That should help I think, and further item drops will probably make it more apparent.

Since AV stacks with gotq (duh) it’ll become my new default I guess. Keeping people alive is my no.1 goal after all.

I will check out unleash+deluge+cbt+hightide and see how that goes in the HC raid today. I’ll probably miss my cooldowns, but I’ll be busy enough trying to time healing rain for cbt+chainheal in a way that makes sense, having to push unleash aswell, so I guess I still won’t get bored. ^_^ I’ll update when I have tried it, since I guess some people find this interesting aswell. I’m fine one my own for now though, thank you for all the usefull input, I’ll have to go and play a for a while no to figure things out.

EDIT: Since I don’t have any chain heal supporting legendaries, and I plan on practicing timings rather then dropping cbt every 30, I swap deluge for AG. Seems to be more usefull anyway. (great article on the main site btw.)

Great community here 🙂 Thanks guys.