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First of all, let me hug you 😀

Thank you for taking the time.

“You’ve highlighted the area where you feel you fall apart, chain heal centric healing and in all honesty if you feel more comfortable running a single target build there is no reason why you shouldn’t. If bosses die and you aren’t holding back progress I see no reason why you couldn’t run a single target build. You will always perform better within your comfort zone.”

So this, this is weird. Because the playstyle that actually made me pick up shaman for my main was pretty much the old CBT+WS+ACG build I played during prepatch mostly. I really liked concentrating burst healing on the parts of the encounter that I felt like were the most dangerous. I enjoy doing that (when I don’t fuck it up ofc). It feels like being in control, anticipating what is going to happen, starting casts before the damage is even done. (yeah, I like ursoc, don’t judge me) 😀

Eventually though, I decided the 30 second cooldown structure was too restrictive for me, I kept going out of sync with damage events during raid, and that just kills the whole build if you miss 2-3 “events”. Also when I tried catching people with surges I was always short that one decisive riptide and burnt through way too much mana way too quickly. Having echo solves that for me, I can riptide while I’m actually still dodging stuff myself and surge right after to catch someone else. I know this will probably change as soon as people make fewer mistakes, but right now, me catching people is what gets kills in the end, and I don’t think there will come a time where I raid with people who never step into anything ever… That would be quiet embarrassing because I myself certainly step into shit when my concentration starts breaking.

—> This.

“However, there are of course a few things to keep in mind. A single target build favours mastery and a chain heal centric build favours crit, then you of course have your hybrid builds which tend to run with mastery. There is great information on the different styles in the Legion hub section.”

This was incredibly confusing to me. I had read the article already, but I thought it must have been out of date or something. Because I basicly have all the stats of all the styles in the article. I have 10% haste, I have 30% crit, and I have 120% mastery… So what style is that then? I do notice I have way too much mana in one fight, the perfect amount in another, and not enough in a third. Trying to swap trinkets to compensate doesn’t seem to be enough, and while I can certainly conserve a decent chunk by using surges more conservatively, it doesn’t seem to add up. Also I’m using chain heals of course, but not that many that I can spec into chain heal talents it feels like, because whenever I do, my burst healing suffers and people die. Perhaps I need to time my CBT better to compensate for the lack of ascendance/ag. I don’t know.

“I also peeked at a mythic Nythendra kill and I noticed your Gift overheal is 68% (I peeked at a Heroic Ursoc kill and the usage there was much better). That’s a lot of wasted healing (unless you’re using it to buff tank HP).”

On nythendra I honestly feel entirely useless as a healer. I get to heal one side wich is mixed ranged+melee, so even when there is damage it would only hit 3, maybe 4 targets in range to me. I can’t hug the damn dragon because melee dps needs space /rage6 and all, so I’m always off to the side, leaning towards the tanks, and when gotq comes off cooldown and there is no infection coming up, I just use it wherever. It doesn’t cost any mana. The entire fight is just super frustrating to me with the way that half the raid is out of reach for my healing. I’d rather spec enhancement for nythendra. I’m sure that shows in performance, it has to.

Your EST totem usage on that kill was also low (same on the heroic Ursoc kill and a quick run through shows me the same on other kills) and it didn’t shield much, if you find you can’t make proper use of it perhaps switch to vigor instead until you find you can get a grasp of where it will be useful to place.

I place it usually to soften damage. I’m not trying to get the max amount of shielding out of it, rather then trying to use it in situations where I believe someone could actually die. “APT light” on a lower cooldown. I should look at this. But I always feel as if vigor is just a wasted talent. Does it stack with gotq? That would change my opinion of it. Because I try to use gotq a lot for the hp increase. I end up timing it wrong, having the damage come in sooner then I expected and not being able to cast it until I have stabilized everyone, wich basicly destroys the whole plan and the point of it. In a perfect world I would start gotq before incoming damage hits, so that it finishes without overheal and I can get the gotq healing with my ascendance (I got that timing right a few times and it’s just insane. You can cast ascendance right after gotq and get the healing added into ascendance anyway, saving a lot of time and having a great start do follow up with raidwide heals. IF you get it right. If not, it just falls apart I guess. You can certainly not afford to start the cast when 5 people are already below 30%… I’ll have to thing about that.

Something different though. I have seen a discipline priest on youtube who does video logs of his mythic+ runs to get better and analyse his gameplay, and I have a decent graphics card so I tried it myself. I didn’t save the logs so I can’t find the log that corresponds with the video, but I think I have found the perfect tool for me to improve. Just going through it once I found 5 things to work on straight away. With a log that would take me a long time, and I would never be entirely sure just why I made the mistakes that I made. In a video I can see why I cancelled this cast, and if another cast was truly necessary etc.

Please excuse the terrible Audio.

Apart from 2 glaringly obvious mistakes, I thought my healing surge/wave decisionmaking was pretty good. I should maybe consider lowering my crit, since I sat on a ton of mana all throughout the fight. At least I should’ve swapped out cocoon of enforced solitude for maybe heightened senses (Ursoc Haste+Int proc trinket) or maybe even Chrono shard. I picked cocoon because of the obvious “low damage” downtime the fight has, wich gives mayn opportunities to replenish mana. But I don’t need THAT much mana it turns out. Maybe you can spot some other stuff?

Gotq was not used correctly ever, not even once. Maybe we as a raid should try to come together more after feeding time, and not be so spread out. But as it is I’d rather not use gotq even if it would be the ideal tool to precast right after running, adding +10%hp and pumping the heal into CBT (that should have been precast while running or just before).

@2:10 my transition over to plattform 2 was terrible. Just plain bad. It looks like I forgot I had Gust of Wind skilled, wich is actually possible because I usually run wind rush totem. I can’t remember 100% but I think not getting the feather threw me off quiet a bit.

@4:10 I didn’t expect the incoming damage. I could have probably saved the raid with Ascendance, wich I then decided to use when it was already way too late.

So yeah. Thanks. I think I can find a lot of stuff to work on. I’m almost sure I should devalue crit right now. Maybe get a second set of gear for mythic+ with a lot of crit on it, and a raid set with a little less… not sure.

Thank you for looking into this, I really appreciate it.

Mieps 🙂