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I read through both your posts and here is my opinion of course feel free to disagree, throw things at me, hug me, I can take all the things 😀 Joking aside, I think you’ve answered your own question. You’ve highlighted the area where you feel you fall apart, chain heal centric healing and in all honesty if you feel more comfortable running a single target build there is no reason why you shouldn’t. If bosses die and you aren’t holding back progress I see no reason why you couldn’t run a single target build. You will always perform better within your comfort zone.

However, there are of course a few things to keep in mind. A single target build favours mastery and a chain heal centric build favours crit, then you of course have your hybrid builds which tend to run with mastery. There is great information on the different styles in the Legion hub section.

Rankings are odd beasts, as you noticed I’m sure. There are so many variables that play into high rankings. For example, there was a heroic Xavius kill I did last week where I managed to get more HPS out than normal, only reason in this case was that the DPS was slacking on the adds and there was a lot more damage going out than it usually would be.

Logs are useful to look at but the things you want be looking at are things like are you casting things on cd (riptide/hst). Are you getting the most out of the talents you’ve chosen? If you feel you can’t make proper use of CBT I’d argue you’re better of with Echo for example. How much overheal do you have on specific spells? When you cast chain heal is it hitting all its targets? If you chain heal a lot you’re going to want to choose high tide as a general rule otherwise I’d stick with Ascedance or Wellspring.

What strikes me when I look at your logs is the amount of healing surge use you have. There is, as a general rule, little reason to use healing surge unless someone is direct danger of dying, try weaving with healing wave instead. I also peeked at a mythic Nythendra kill and I noticed your Gift overheal is 68% (I peeked at a Heroic Ursoc kill and the usage there was much better). That’s a lot of wasted healing (unless you’re using it to buff tank HP). Your EST totem usage on that kill was also low (same on the heroic Ursoc kill and a quick run through shows me the same on other kills) and it didn’t shield much, if you find you can’t make proper use of it perhaps switch to vigor instead until you find you can get a grasp of where it will be useful to place. Same goes for CBT usage, if you’re unsure stick to Echo instead until you can get a grasp of when and how to use CBT to get the most mileage out of it.

I noticed from your logs that you are using chain heal quite a bit but without high tide, perhaps try high tide for a while and see how it works out for you? If you want to stick to a single target build however, build around it in terms of stats, talents, spell usage, relics etc. and see how you go. If you can find a playstyle that works for you even if it isn’t a standard/popular build stick to it. If bosses die and you can get the most value from the talents you’ve choosen that’s, imho, the only things that matter.

Read through the log analysis on the site as well, I think you’ll find it useful.

I only briefly poked through your logs that’s why there’s not anything more specific. If you have any questions, queries or anything else just fire away. I hope I helped a little at least.