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Thank you for response. Actually it was because I wanted try the Chainheal build for Ursoc on normal before trying it on heroic and had 1 tome in the raid.

I think I did fine, but in my opinion i don’t have enought crit to sustain it.

I guess i’m switching between single target and chainheal build and kinda confuses me and then fuck with talents.

One of the biggest guestion is like ilgy’noth and Cenarius / Dragons should I just stack with the Chainheal build and focus getting the crit to sustain it or take like echo, ascen + crushing waves to fights which need more single target healing.

For the last I think the chainheal build suits for our setup and that wasn’t best performance I did. Anyway here i am trying to improve. There’s a link to our heroic ursoc kill where I kinda shined in my opinion, but I feel even doing ~20M more healing than the second healer i wasn’t pushing the max limits i have

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