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An introduction into ranking by Halûcinogen


I guess this is still relevant. I didn’t read the article before I made this post, and the differentiation between farm an progress is very obviously the main reason why I see such drops and jumps in my own “performance” rating from boss to boss. I guess we just don’t need that many healers in a lot of fights.

This one log I guess is a very obvious example:


Yet I still ask myself what I could improve during progression, where it actually matters. I’m not sure where CBT fits in right now, and chainheal feels like it would only be worth it to “push” into ascendance or for slow+efficient healing to top off slight raidwide damage… I pretty much only ever use it otherwise when I don’t have riptide off CD, queen ascendant up and no tidal waves buff left… so like once every minute or so during non emergency but still significant raid damage. Or when I want to prepare a heal for damage I know will be coming, where I’m just using it because it’s a big heal with a long cast time that I can start before the damage actually happens. In cases where gift of the queen is on cooldown, since I believe that to be the better spell for those situations… So where is chain heal right now?