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Hey Teilman,

I had same question, I just started using pawn myself, guild wants us to use it to make things easier when distributing gear. I’m using the crit build with heavy mastery 🙂 . were gonna start mythic so I may eventually go more traditional mastery build, but for now crit build.

this is what I got from noxic which copies directly into pawn addon.

( Pawn: v1: “PvE-Shaman-Restoration-Noxxic”: CritRating=6.05, MasteryRating=7.55, HasteRating=4.55, Intellect=9.05, Versatility=3.05 )

this is what I will manually change weights to after I install the link

Intellect [9.05] > Mastery [7.55] > Crit [7.65] > Haste [3.05] > Versatility [4.55]

Hope this helps