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Perhaps you can help me understand further the mastery vs. crit and how it works with each playstyle. I did read the stat priority for EN article but really just came to the conclusion that there were people who just favor one or the other, not really how they factored into each playstyle. I had just always thought mastery was so powerful for resto shamans so I was trending towards those items.

I definitely do favor a chain heal focused playstyle with healing wave added as necessary. It sounds like you’re saying that crit is more beneficial in this regard? In any case, I will definitely try to use the artifact ability more often through fights. Is this something similar to Riptide and HST that should be used on cooldown?

Also I’ve seen a lot of recommendations to use Cloudburst but I have almost no experience with it. Is that something that should be just dropped on cooldown alongside HST and not really worried about besides that? I feel like there must be more effective ways to time the burst ability.

Anyways you have indeed been very helpful, thank you. 🙂