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Hi Freelessons,

What an appropriate name you have :P. It can be a little bit daunting getting started with analyzing logs. I know the feeling. At this point I always look at a few things when I’m analyzing logs:

  • Uptimes (of spells that matter)
  • Mana spending / gaining patterns
  • Cooldown usage and effectiveness
  • Casting patterns – does it work for you?

Next step is knowing how to find these things in the logs.

Calculating uptimes starts with looking at fight lenght (we wrote an article a while ago about optimizing your cooldowns – I think the info will be interesting to you). The Nythendra fight took 4.11 mintes, equals 371 seconds.

Riptide has a cooldown of 6 seconds: 371/6 = 61, meaning you can cast 61 riptides that fight. You casted 53 which is (53/61) a 86% uptime, not bad.

However, Gift of the Queen is a pretty powerful spell. And even though you won’t find 6 people clustered all the time, you can find 3 or 4 quite often. You casted GotQ twice. With a cd of 45 seconds (371/45=8), an uptime of 25% there is something you can gain here. Especially since it doesn’t just heal, it increases HP too. Quite useful with all those nasty dots. The usage on Xavius is low too.

I do think it is interesting for someone who plays such a Chain Heal focused rotation, to have so much mastery and so little crit. You’d expect the other way around. Perhaps that is something to look into.

Hopefully, this was helpful to you :).