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Hey Araval,

First of all, congratulations on making that step on your resto shaman. It is so nice when you put in the effort and see the improvement in return.

On movement heavy fights, consider using Spiritwalker’s Grace (you can contemplate using this in general). More casting, means more output.

In terms of enchants/gems… My attitude is hardcore. I think you should fix them. You earn gear with proper enchants and gems. It is a mechanic to obtain upgrades, not to celebrate them.

I checked your Cenarius logs and a few things came to mind:

  • If I look at your Riptide casts (6 sec cooldown, 4.21-minute fight), then you have a 49% uptime. Since Riptide is the bread and butter of resto shamans (regardless of crit of mastery build), I think you can gain something here.
  • As you have the legendary boots, when allies stand in your healing rain your spells are 10% more effective on them. You want to be actively looking for clusters of players that justify a healing rain. As a result, your chain heal will be even stronger on them. If I look at your casting ratio on Cenarius, you cast 8 out of 21 possible healing rains (38% uptime). Same as with riptide, I think you will be able to find more moments in these fights where you can make use of these spells. Find them!
  • Your mana consumption is looking good – you’re spending it all. You are not gaining anything in the form of a mana potion, though. Consuming this means more mana to spend, means more to cast and more to heal.


This is a wonky fight. You will only be healing half of the group. This means that cooldowns like Healing Tide, Ascendance, Ancestral Guidance and Cloudburst will probably be half effective as well (due to the range). One half also tends to take more damage than the other. So the healing you do, might be depending on which side you are on.


This is a fight where you can cheese the meters. If you are the healer that gets to use his cooldowns twice (HTT on both the first spider jump and on the other platform) you’ll probably end up higher on the meters. Or when you pop AG with a cloudburst, pretty much only negated by a revival (if a monk gets it off first). I’ve loved saving spiritwalker’s for when you run across the bridge. Depending on how fast people are, a big CD upon arrival (if you’re one of the first) can healing help out too. I do think that this fight is more about supporting your group getting through the key moments. More so than topping the meters.

Your riptide (and healing rain) patterns seem to be pretty equal on Dragons and Elerethe in comparison to Cenarius. If you see what puts the other shaman in your group ahead on Elerethe, it is in fact his riptide casts. People wonder off with the tornado debuff, fly up in the air with a feather – out of reach of your casts – with his riptide on them. Cast riptide more :).

Hopefully, this was helpful to you.