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Hi, Mythic Raider iPurge here =D

So a few tips I can give you based on your logs.

1st off Spam mythic +’s get that ilvl up, As for your stat weights. you need to get more MASTERY ! As shaman’s we thrive off massive heals from our mastery based on lower health of targets we’re healing.

During raiding. learn timers and how long it takes your guild to reach certain phases. Ex: Ursoc 1st roar, your can drop a healing tide, healing rain while Ursoc is running back to tank, This will cover the original Charge damage / Roar. Bye the time Healing Tide comes off CD again will be perfect timing for around Roar 5-6 ” Depending on your raids dps”

  1. Combine – Cloud Burst Totem / Ancestral Guidance : Together to help stack up a nice aoe heal for any inc raid damage. ” Use DBM timer’s to time it out “
  2. Using Talents. High Tide and Ancestral Vigor helps keep your raid members above average health.
  3. Use Ancient Mana Potions at 65-70% mana, Will come back off CD when you need it again.

But yeah Really focus on Stat weights, Don’t worry about item level just stat priority ‘ Int > Mastery > crit > haste. Here is my armory. My stat weights aren’t perfect, But I’m usually #1 on healing charts.

Here are my current stat weights


Hope this helped !