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Going to go over your Heroic Xavius kill that was linked earlier. The fight was 7:02 or 422 seconds. Now I do know that Xavius has a dream mechanic that allows you to spam certain abilities while not losing any mana, but for the sake of making sure you know to do everything correctly, I am going to review as if it were any normal fight.

I will start with your Healing Stream Totem, Riptide, Healing Rain, and Cloudburst Totem up-times. As you can obviously see from the log Riptide is the largest chunk of your healing done. Beyond Riptide being instant cast, extremely mana efficient, and provides a HoT, it also gives you a Tidal Waves charge which is something people often look past when determining the spells value. I would easily say Riptide is one of, if not your highest priority spell. When looking at a 422 second fight you can see you had 70 possible chances to cast Riptide, but I usually figure in about 10% downtime due to casting, everyone being full, or possibly just not noticing it’s off cool down. That would put you at roughly 63 casts figuring in downtime, you were at 57 which is fine. If you were sub-50 casts I would recommend for you to make more use of Riptide, but 57 is an acceptable / realistic amount that I wouldn’t worry too much about rite now. The only things I would mention about Riptide is you want to use it off cool down, you want to keep the HoT up on the tank(s), if the tank(s) have the HoT already use Riptide on whoever has the lowest health and doesn’t already have the HoT. Healing Rain is an extremely strong spell, especially on a fight such as Xavius where it’s not uncommon for people to be grouped together. So much so I would actually recommend running the Deluge talent on this fight. Due to Healing Rain being so mana efficient and putting out so much healing passively in a visible AoE you should make it one of your highest priorities, especially on this fight, to have close to a 100% up time. The best thing about Healing Rain is you cast it once and you enjoy 10 seconds of passive healing to multiple targets. Healing Rain is a 10 second cool down with typically a ~1.5 second cast. Taking cast time and a 10% down time into consideration you could have realistically gotten about 33 casts of Healing Rain off. You cast Healing Rain a total of 19 times which I would consider too low, especially on a fight such as Xavius. So just to put things into perspective, each Healing Rain you cast was doing 630k total healing (which for some reason is on the low side, could be due to a number of factors which I can go over later), if you cast Healing Rain 33 times you would have done a little under 21 million healing with that spell alone. Notice that would have easily been your most healing done. I know I sound like I am being a heckler when I keep pushing for you to have as close to 100% up time on those four spells as possible, but hopefully me running these numbers is showing you why I do so. Sometimes I will have people tell me, “Everyone was so low on HP I figured casting Chain Heal was more important than Healing Rain”. What you have to realize is Healing Rain is also effected by your mastery, so if everyone is very low it is becoming even more valuable. When it comes to your Healing Stream Totem and Cloudburst Totem usage, your Healing Stream Totem usage is great, practically a 100% up time, but I see no Cloudburst usage. That’s making me think you’re running Echo instead of Cloudburst and that also has to do with why your Healing Stream usage was so high (extra charge). If this is true, that means your Riptide usage should have also been way higher (more charges, chance to reset cool down) and it was actually getting on the lower side assuming you weren’t running Echo. I would highly recommend you switch over to Cloudburst. In order for you to get the most use out of running Echo it would requite you to have an extremely high use on Riptide which you were actually on the low side assuming you weren’t using this talent. Basically all this talent did for you was save you from wasting any Healing Streams by stacking it instead of not putting in on cool down, which if managed properly, you could have had the same up time without the talent meaning it did practically nothing for you in regards to mana or healing. When you compare this to Cloudburst, you activate the talent, it passively replicates and saves 25% of the healing you do while it’s down, it releases the healing and you don’t have to worry about it. The healing it releases can be into the millions if you get a cast off at a good time, and the mana cost will always stay the same making this not only a strong AoE heal but also an extremely efficient one. I cannot think of any raid situation where this talent wouldn’t be your best choice. To sum this whole category up, your Riptide usage was too low, your Healing Stream usage was too low, and you need to start working Cloudburst Totem into your rotation (use it off cool down at the same time as Healing Stream Totem).

Looking at your Healing Wave and Healing Surge usage (going to abbreviate with HS / HW). Like I have seen on quite a few of your logs your HS usage is very high. Now I may be able to excuse it MAYBE if your group s extremely geared (which it seems they are) and these fights are very easy for you guys / mana isn’t going to be an issue. Considering the fight lasted as long as it did I am going to assume you ran into some mana issues as some point. Like I mentioned earlier, HS is an emergency spell, not something you use as a casual heal. You are not a healer that takes care of people being singled out with damage. If you see one person taking heavy damage you can use a HW with a Tidal Wave to help them out, but your mana should be conserved and saved for an appropriate time to use it. Let the Priests / Pallys / etc. deal with those people if it requires anything more than throwing some HWs / Riptides into them. Your HW usage is very low. Total you used HW and HS 34 times, yet you gained 77 Tidal Waves from Riptide / Chain Heal. That’s over 40 Tidal Waves that went to waste. What you should take from this is you need to manage your Tidal Waves and make use of them on HWs if you want to provide any healing outside of your normal rotation. Remember, you want to save all your mana / big healing for the high damage AoE times so anything more than your standard up time spells and using the Tidal Waves on HWs should be taken care of by other healers, not you.

I am going to take a look at some of your cool down usage. The first thing that popped out to me was you had 6 uses of Earthen Shield Totem out of  the maximum 7 which is great. I often see this ability chosen and then used once or twice and completely forgotten. It’s good that you have gotten into a habit of using it because it is easily the strongest ability in its tier. I don’t see Ancestral Guidance anywhere on your logs which kinda scares me because if you were running Crashing Waves, you obviously didn’t make nearly enough use of the Tidal Waves to make it any value at all, and if you ran Deluge the down time on you Healing Rain was way too low as well. Even if your up times were better on those two spells I still would consider Ancestral Guidance the best choice as is it strong in all situations and it pairs very well with your mastery when there is heavy damage going out. (Like I said earlier, Deluge could possibly be the best choice on Xavius, but it would require you to have an extremely good up time on Healing Rain). I see your Healing Tide usage wasn’t bad. You used it once early on around 0:40, and once about 3:45 into the fight. This could have left you with another solid one rite at the end which it seems as though you didn’t make use of. (I am going to guess mana as the issue as I see around the 4:30 mark and onward your healing output went way down.)  Your Gift of the Queen usage is decent, you should really prioritize using it as often as possible as it help conserve a good amount of mana, but I feel like you have a few more important things to work on before this becomes a priority.

When you look at your healing graph for the whole fight you see it’s very high for the first 1/3 of the fight and then it falls of pretty hard. Shamans are kinda opposite in the sense that you should be the other way around. You should be pretty low in the beginning to middle of the fight and spike up towards the middle to the end. The only way you are going to obtain that is by spending the first 4 minutes being as mana efficient as possible. Especially once you start progressing through mythics, conserving your mana for when you can make the most out of it is what’s going to make or break the healing towards the end. Your healing is weak when everyone is high on health so why waste your mana healing them then? Stick to your basic Riptide / HST / HR / CBT with HWs for your Tidal Waves and save the Chain Heals for the end because what’s going to happen is your gonna be at the end of the fight, everyone’s gonna be dying / super low on health, you gonna have lots of mana to spare and your healing is gonna be increased by an absurd amount due to your mastery.

I recommend you take a different approach in your next raid. Take everything I’ve told you and play with mana conservation as your goal and work from there. (Remember to always keep  100% up time on everything I mentioned above.) Once you feel what it’s like to have a good chunk of mana while everyone is taking large amounts of damage towards the end of a fight it’s gonna change the way you look at healing. A good HTT + AG + HR + Chain Heals could make an entire raid group go from a wipe to stable at any point in the fight and that is why Restoration Shamans can be so powerful. If you end a fight and are still sitting on plenty of mana then sure, go ahead and playing a bit more mana heavy as it will increase your healing output overall, but as far as mythic progression goes, I don’t think you’ll be in many situations like that soon. Combine everything I have told you with the recommended talent build and I think you will see some big improvements.

Feel free to send me your next log and I can look over everything and see if / how you have improved. Let me know if you have any other questions / suggestions / etc.