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Hey Sack

I am the Player Krazull and i would really appriciate help with learn how to heal. First of all in my defence, i have never healed before. I switched to healer at the start of EN mythic so only like 4 weeks of healing. I know i could have improved alot in 4 weeks, but i have not really felt like healing is fun, which is also why i havent been motivated to learn how to heal.

Now, looking back at the logs i can clearly see that i can improve alot, and i have healed in mythic+ and i actually find it abit fun now. But being left out in many progress raids left me with a feeling of who even care about my healed. Tbh i was just mad coz bad.
I had a talk with my GM  and some officers, and they really wanted me to join the progress. So to make a long story short. I would like to progress even if it takes time and work!

Thanks in advance! – Krazull