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The fight I have decided to go over is the Heroic Xavius kill that took 8:13 or 493 seconds.

In regards to your talents, I noticed on Heroic Xavius you were running Wellspring. I would say Xavius is probably one of, if not the best boss to use Wellspring on, and even then I would consider it not viable and here is why: Wellspring is an unbelievably expensive spell, almost 50% higher mana cost when compared to Chain Heal which is already expensive. It’s healing output is high but it also has very high over-heal potential as you get the most value out of the spell when it is used off cool down. (Notice your over-healing on that spell was at almost 50%.) Every two times you cast Wellspring you could cast three Chain Heals which (when used properly) will have little to no over-healing, and have a chance to trigger your Resurgance granting you mana back. Chain Heal also gives a charge of Tidal Waves. Your average Wellspring cast output 540,000 healing, and that’s including when it crits. Compare that to average Chain Heal casts which are around 300,000 – 400,000 healing when running High Tide. To sum it up, Wellspring costs 50% more mana, doesn’t do 50% more healing, doesn’t grant a Tidal Wave, doesn’t trigger Resurgance, when running Wellspring your Chain Heals are gonna do significantly less healing meaning your main AoE healing spell is on a 20 second cool down compared to Chain Heal being available at all times, Wellspring requires you and your raid to be positioned correctly to get the most use out of it, Chain Heal doesn’t require you to face anyone and can bounce off people in an AoE in regards to your position. You should really consider swapping this talent out for High Tide and working Chain Heal back into your regular rotation. I will explain the proper usage a little bit later in this post.

Now I will go over Healing Rain, Riptide, Healing Stream Totem, and Cloudburst Totem. I am going to go off of number from both your Heroic Xavius and some of your other Heroic fights just to put things in proper perspective. The reason I want to go over all four of these spells together is because they all share two things: SHOULD BE USED OFF COOL DOWN; PROVIDE PASSIVE HEALING. I cannot stress this enough. Your opener to the fight should begin with casting Riptide on Tank 1 seven second before pull, Riptide on Tank 2 one second before pull, place Healing Rain in a smart location, cast Healing Stream Totem, cast Cloudburst Totem, etc. Regardless of the situation you are in, from that point onward, your number one priority it to keep as close to 100% up time on all four of those abilities as the passive healing as well as healing out / mana cost ratio is so great. To put it in perspective you should be casting Healing Stream Totem when Cloudburst Totem still has one second remaining every single time. You used Healing Stream Totem 7 times in a 493 second fight. You could have easily gotten more than double the uses out of it. To put it in perspective, your Healing Stream Totem was outputting as much healing per use as your Wellspring except it was less than 1/3 the mana cost. Xavius is one of the best fights for Healing Rain as people are often very crowded together. Healing Rain was 12% of your healing despite only casting it 12 times. Taking cast time into consideration you could have easily gotten 40 casts of Healing Rain off that fight. Taking your average heal per cast that would have been another 12.3 million healing that you would have done from Healing Rain alone. For that fight 75 Riptide casts would have been realistic when you got about 28 off. Again, Riptide was doing over half the healing per cast of your Wellspring yet cost almost 1/5 the amount. Let’s assume you never used any mana on Wellspring, that would have saved you 770,000 mana, instead you used Riptide off cool down and that 770,000 mana went into 43 Riptides. Your Wellsprings did a total of 4.76 million healing, the 43 Riptides would have done 11 million healing. Hopefully this is putting things into perspective for you on why I am so big on making sure those four abilities are being used off cool down.