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My quick disclaimer:

I am not in a progression guild as I cannot find the time to commit many hours a week to raiding, so my actual in-game experience is made up mostly of PvP game play (arena / rated BG) and being 3/7 Heroic EN which is admittedly pretty far behind. With that aside, I know the class extremely well inside and out and enjoy the theory-crafting aspect of the game so I will give you my honest / educated opinion when looking over your logs.

One thing I like to note before going over any logs: Do not base your healing entirely off of “heals per second”. Heals per second or HPS, is a pretty inaccurate way of determining someone’s overall healing “skill” as HPS has a lot more to do with the opportunity the fight is giving you in regards to healing than your actual healing “skill” so to say. An example would be: Shaman A is in a 25-man progression raiding guild where everyone is going to be taking tons of damage; Shaman B is more geared and is clearing already downed content with his 10-man guild. Shaman A will probably end up doing more healing than Shaman B even though it is the same fight and Shaman B is more geared. The reason being, Shaman A is going to have a lot more healing potential, the more players taking damage, the more healing that can be done; The lower people’s health are, the stronger / more healing you will do. Having more people at low health typically means your Healing Rain will always be hitting 10 people, your Chain Heal will always have hurt players to fully bounce to, your HST / HTT will have more people to heal, etc. Now this isn’t an excuse for someone that is doing half of other healer’s healing. All healers should be relatively close in overall healing done depending on the situation, but if you feel like your not performing as well as you should be it is much better to get your logs analyzed by someone like me than it is to blame the situation you are in for your low healing.