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I don’t have time (nor available brain energy at the moment) to do a delve into your logs on a detailed level but I did do a quick skim through. I looked quickly at your Xavius normal kill and I see your using a single target focused spec and healing style, which in itself isn’t the wrong thing to do, I noticed you don’t have a paladin in your roster so perhaps you’re finding yourself tank healing more and that’s why you chose to go down the st healing route.  I do however see very little chain heal use can I ask why? I’d suggest trying some different talents out and see how they work for you, for example try out high tide (you seldom need the extra cd from ascendance I find, though this my own personal opinion) and weave in more chain heals with your current single target focused spec. I’d also suggest trying out undulation if you’re more single target focused, I myself am having some fun playing around with that talent at the moment.

In all honesty though, as a healer it’s more practice, learning the fights, learning which talents work best for you, your healing comp and the fight you’re doing. Try different combinations and think about the synergy of the talents (ie deluge if people are stacked often so can make use of it, unleash life before chainheal on ursoc). As a shaman at the moment there are very few outright bad talents to choose from and as long as you can make them work for you and learn when to cast what spell you should be golden.

When I was learning to resto druid last xpac I did tons of proving grounds just to get a feel for the spec and develop my muscle memory, not saying that will work for you but it’s a tip I thought I’d throw out there 🙂 If you have any specific questions just ask and I’ll see if I can help out in some way.