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I personally used Vuhdo for years, mostly with mouseover macros with only dispel and chainheal/single target heal bound to key (left and right mouse button). A couple of years ago I made the switch over to using only the ElvUI raid frames (since you can add pretty much anything you want tracked to it these days) and I still use that in combination with mouseover macros and Clique (dispel left button, chain heal right). As a healer what frames you use is such a personal prefrence (same as where you put them on your screen) I’d say neither one is better than the other, as long as it gives you the information you need use whatever you feel more comfortable with imo. The advantages to mouseover macros I find is that they work even when addons don’t, handy if you do beta testing or addons haven’t been updated and you need to turn them off for that reason.