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I do not feel like chain heal is dominant at the moment.  My current talents are as follows

Graceful Spirit
Lightning Surge Totem
Crashing Waves
Ancestral Vigor
Echo of the Elements

This affords a nearly constant rotation of Riptide, HW/HS, HW/HS, with HR, HST, and GotQ on CD weaved in.

I have tried the Wellspring/Cloudburst route as well, and while I did nearly as well on the meters I didn’t like how it felt to play as much.

Last thing I noticed is Healing Rain is pretty low on your chart.  It is very strong right now and I attempt to cast it on CD.

In short, I would recommend playing with talents and other rotations and find out where throughput meets a rotation you are comfortable playing.  Hope this helps.


disclaimer: These are the opinions of an amateur resto shaman.