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I’m rubbish at feedback but I’ll give it a go! First thing I noticed was that you’re not using Gift of the Queen very often… definitely try and use that more if you’ve got a few people you can fit into it. It costs no mana (yay) and does quite a lot of healing. Ursoc can be a bad fight for Healing Rain due to the frequent movement, though it helps a bit if you can anticipate where and when the raid is about to move before he does his bellow/roar thing (forgot the name of it!).

I don’t use Cloudburst either, but I think that’s down to personal preference. Keep an eye on your HST uptime though, try and get a weak aura for it if you don’t have one already. Riptide tends to be my top heal as well at the minute, it’s very strong. Single target/spot healing is definitely our thing at the minute IMO.

Speccing into Crashing Waves as opposed to Ancestral Guidance may help you a bit as well. All your other talents seem fine to me. I tend to go with High Tide in raids because we have a big raid group (30 people on heroic). Crashing Waves gives you an extra Tidal Waves buff though and since you’re single target healing quite a lot anyway that’s definitely worth having. I also like having Echo of the Elements together with Torrent… those Riptide initial heals are great for people who are really low.

I hope this helps a bit… smarter people than me might come along and give you better feedback. 😀