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Is my logs in general, which I should have put on the main post but for some reason it doesn’t do anything when I click edit. I found out I do a lot better not trying to 6 heal on nyth and shine better in either small groups or when both the monk and the resto druid are sniping everything before I can get my waves off. I never really thought about taking Unulation and I think that is a 100% me problem but I might need to start taking it in mythic plus but the instantly saving someone with that juicy riptide heal on CoS 6 was a lifesaver. Problem I had during ursoc was cbt was a life saver I just couldn’t feed it fast enough for both roaring co…whatever it is called. While three healing ursoc, I needed to keep ascendance so sadly doing the wellspring combo wasn’t an option. It may be in a larger group but for then it didn’t seem to be working well.