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I’ll add onto this with some cool down management.

You used Healing Tide Totem one time in a fight that lasted 4 minutes 15 seconds. Unless you knew there was a time specifically in the middle of the fight you could have made use of an early on HTT and had it available again towards the end of the fight. Same thing goes for Ancestral Guidance, but being on a 2 minute cool down. it would have been much easier to get 2 uses out of it.

You used Healing Stream Totem (30 second CD) 9 times on a fight that lasted 257 seconds which means you had extremely good up time on your Healing Stream Totem. If paired with a Cloudburst used at the same time that would have been very nice up time on both.

You used Healing Rain (10 second CD) 8 times in a 257 second fight which is a very bad up time. The fact that you only used it 8 of the 26 times it was possible yet it still accounted for 12% of your healing tells me you were probably only using it when heavy damage was occurring when it should be used off every single cool down.

I would comment on your Riptide uses but I do believe you are using Echo due to not seeing any healing done from Cloudburst.