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Once I get home I can send you one of my logs for comparison. It may seem like I am being a bit rough on you but if you want an honest critique, here you go.

I am assuming you are Phuu as that is the only Resto Sham I see in either of these logs.

Looking at the Ursoc fight, I can tell you rite now your number one mistake is how much you use Chain Heal. As much as we (RShams) don’t want to admit it, this is not a “spam Chain Heal” expansion. Chain Heal is still a great spell, it is just much more situational than it used to be. In that Ursoc fight Chain Heal was roughly 32% of your healing done. When I cleared Ursoc on my RSham it was under 10% of my healing done (and I finished the fight top healing over 250k HPS and that was a normal fight meaning there was much less damage being done to players). The percentage of healing your HTT, HST, and Healing Rain are doing is showing me that you have gear but are playing completely wrong. Healing Surge and Healing Wave were a combined 5.3% of your healing? I also don’t see Cloudburst on your meters so I am assuming your are running Echo which means you would be doing more Riptides, leading to more Tidal Waves, but you obviously are not making use of them. I am going to assume you know what Tidal Waves are, and if you aren’t tracking them, I recommend you start. I personally use the addon “TellMeWhen” to track my Tidal Wave and if you’d like me to go more into detail about that just PM me as that is a whole other discussion in itself. You need need need to make use of your Tidal Waves. I would say 75% of the time you will be using the Tidal Wave on a Healing Wave due to its efficiency, and Healing Surge when you really need that burst heal. I would also highly recommend running Cloudburst Totem and using it every 30 seconds on cool down with your Healing Stream Totem. Aim for 100% up-time on your Healing Rain in a good location. Use your Riptide every 8 seconds off cooldown and try to spread the HoT around while also making use of the initial heal. Aim to not let 1 Tidal Wave ever go to waste. Between keeping up with all of that you don’t have much down time and you are doing a fair amount of healing very efficiently. When you spam Chain Heal at unnecessary times you are leading to over healing, wasting Tidal Waves (Chain Heal generates a Tidal Wave), all while using one of a RShams most expensive buttons. Chain Heal is great if you know you are in a situation where: 1. You know you will make use of a full Chain Heal healing. 2. Healing Stream Totem, Cloudburst Totem, Riptide, and Healing Rain are all on cool down. 3. You have less than or equal to 1 Tidal Wave charge.


I almost 100% guarantee you if you ran a Crashing Waves / Echo / Ascendance build and didn’t use Chain Heal even once that fight while making full use of all the Tidal Waves you would be getting, you would have done roughly 30% more healing that fight. I’m not saying that is an optimal build for a fight like that, I am just trying to show you how inefficient it is to use Chain Heal so often.


I still believe High Tide is the best talent choices in almost all raid encounters because when you do make proper use of your Chain Heals, High Tide is extremely beneficial.