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I played A.Lock and R.Sham to challenger (~2k mmr) in Season 15 before taking a break from WoW. I just came back at the end of WoD to prepare for Legion. I’m very disappointed with PvP in it’s current state for so many reasons rite now. The all around “meta” I have found this season is “which healer is going to die in the opener first”. I have played a fair amount of 3v3’s so far this expansion and I do not think one of them has lasted more than 60 seconds whether I win or lose. Positioning / ghost wolf is now useless due to mdps have an absurd amount of mobility rite now. At least HPally has abilities that can counter the current meta. I’ve literally had my team go from 100% HP to all dead within a spirit link from a warrior / hunter (oldschool KFC) opener. I remember a time when the better healer was determined by cool down and mana management because the matches could go on for well over 3-5 minutes. Now it is determined by who can take literally millions of damage and still be standing 15 seconds later.


What makes me even more sick is as the gear gets stronger, so will the artifacts. Classes are not even performing anywhere near there full potential rite now. This is going to be the first season since season 10 I am not going to be focusing or even participating in PvP in general.


Once the official season starts I will give it one more serious attempt as I honestly find PvP to be my favorite aspect of WoW, but my gut feeling is things arn’t going to change much.