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Welcome to the awesomeness of the resto shaman, long may you stay.

I’m just going to give you some general tips/things to think about. For personal reasons I don’t have the brain function required at the moment to do in-depth log analysis and there are people here that I’m sure are more adept at it than myself.

First I’d suggest reading through the talent and the roation sections on the website found here:

Talents and glyphs at Legion launch

Our casting rotation at Legion launch

– I noticed you’re using Wellspring as a talent, it’s very mana intensive and I wouldn’t recommend it with your gear, also if you use it, it’s best to pair it with CBT (Cloudburst Totem) talent. I’d suggest going with High Tide instead.

– As a general rule I’d recommend using CBT over Echo as a talent. Although there are some instances in which Echo could be useful. Bottomless Depths is generally not a great option unless you have a fight like Tyrant.

– Level 75 talents is more fight dependant, they all have their use. I personally really like EST (Earthen Shield Totem) and use it on the fights that I can.

– Level 60 talents is also very encounter dependant. Ancestral Guidance and Deluge are both valid options and depends more on the fight than anything. Crashing Waves is great for 5-mans or any instance where you do much more single target healing.

– You’re using a lot of Healing Surges, which is not advised unless necessary since it’s very mana intensive, weave with Healing Wave instead (making use of Tidal Waves) and only use Surge if you really need it, ie someone is super low on health and they need to get back up fast.

Gear will always be a factor, especially trinkets and set bonuses. And the ilevel difference between you two is fairly significant, also the person has 2-set, 4-set, Demonic Phylactery trinket and the legendary ring. Although it’s not everything. I suggest taking the time to try and understand logs, it will help you in the future, there is a log analysis section on here (a bit outdated in terms of spells but a lot of the points still stand). You can also check out Tuskeh’s video found here: Warcraft Logs: A Beginner’s Guide

– Things to look at: Casts, if you’re casting spells on cooldown (HST, CBT; Riptide etc.). Proper CD usage (co-ordinate with the other healers to get the maximu out of your combined CDs). Are you running out of mana due to overcasting expensive spells? Are you making use of Tidal Waves?

I hope this helps you a little bit. Do ask if you’re unsure about anything I wrote.