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With legion and some friend/foe smartcast macros combining purge/purify, healing wave with lavaburst aswell as riptide and flameshock I have barely more than two actionbars full of hotkeys, even if I hotkey every ability I have and leave room for encounter specific macros and trinkets I won’t get over three bars worth of keys.

I use mb4 + mb5, keys 1-5, “q”, “e”, “y” (“z” for english keyboard)and “x” with shift, alt and ctrl modifiers.

I don’t use most of the hotkeys during raid because I have bound all my healing casts (no totems or big cooldowns) and dispell with vuhdo. (“1” is my /stopcasting +Purge/Cleanse, while the Vuhdo action is without /stopcasting when it’s not that urgent) I have bound my mouse so that I can easily reach spells that I can use during sudden movement, and while I have both spells seperate I combined Astral Shift and Spiritwalker’s Grace in a way that would cast Astral Shift if I use it wile not casting (probably because I’m already moving because I was standing in something terrible) while still preserving the ability to cast Spiritwalker’s Grace during another cast.

But since I have no raid and I’ve only been playing shaman for a few weeks I’m sure I’ll be going to change it around a lot until I’m comfortable.