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Hi everyone, I’m also new to this site, the shaman in general, but I played a fair bit of wow.


From Beta it is my understand that you can get your second artifact weapon at level 102, fairly early into leveling.

If this is true for the release version as well, the only real question is if you would save a lot of time by leveling to 102 with a damage spec, since you would always be able to swap out the artifact to put points into your resto artifact after 102, even non-token AP gained by quests.

So my thinking is: at what point am I going to level faster with my resto artifact if I put every point into it, compared to the offspec DPS artifact that gets totally neglected?

I noticed that the DPS on the resto spec really wasn’t half bad on the usually one-by-one single Target grind. If you start pulling groups however, that is a different story.

I think I’m personally going to level with an offspec enhancement artifact until I get to the point where my resto artifact outperforms, since I really enjoy the enhancement gameplay.

Plus continuing on drayvek’s thought: I really want a decent DPS offspec for grindy/farmy content in Legion anyway, so it’s not like the AP is being “wasted” during the level process. This makes me wonder if it could even be worth it not putting anything into resto at all during leveling, and just grinding the AP for resto with my offspec after reaching 110 with Enh… so many questions. But yeah… I think “having fun” is something to not lose track of, because let’s be honest, aren’t we all more “efficient” when doing something we enjoy?