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This change just got implemented, and it is significant. I’m still searching for other differences in our artifact / spells / talents, to see what they took out in exchange for this. It is also very ‘available’ at the start of our artifact (you can pick it up after not even 1 zone of questing). Which hints to it being a core mechanic.

That said, everything is prone to change (even) on beta. They said they were in the ‘tuning’ phase. I think this is more than tuning. You talk about ticks, that is what I consider tuning. Changing the impact of resurgence significantly at low crit levels is something else. I didn’t expect them to change something this big.

Haste / Mastery is (traditionally) the way to go at the start of an expac, I don’t think that will change necessarily. Mana issues are part of that (traditionally as well). However, during the first raid testings, I had a fellow resto shaman soaring to the sky with his numbers. He had massive crit numbers through (now nerfed) jewelcrafting rings + sockets + socket bonusses. At that point, stacking that amount of crit (and chain heal spamming) was definitely the way to go.

I don’t think we can say what the final situation will be like. A lot depends on tuning (and if they make big mechanical changes again.. on those). Therefore, I can’t wait to test what it will feel like in a few days during raid testing. Also, don’t forget the modifications artifact weapons bring. Especially to ticks of everything. Moreover because we get our hands on relics that can change the tick speed (of a bunch of different things). And changing ticks may be hitting break points, which may change our priority.