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Thats where I’m at a loss, I’ve had Canibe tell me that Mastery Haste is still the way to go… however I’ve heard a lot about how mana is an issue… hands down. In addition I see many Artifact talents that sync well with Crit and that some even devalue haste quite a bit… I seriously feel like our priority is going to be Mastery>Crit>Haste=Vers. Especially after asking some friends to give me rough estimates of tick increases based on haste (in lower level raid gear especially,) were talking maybe 1 tick on all abilities and slightly faster cast times, vs Crit offering Higher Resurgence procs all around= a little more mana to play with=slightly more throughput potential (Especially in sticky situations). In addition it also synergizing well with the increased crit chance of Healing Rain (more synergy with Gift of the Queen), Chain Heal, and Healing Surge. It also reduces cast times after direct crit heals by 15%-30%… It just makes more sense to run it that way in my head, especially after calculating theres only 325 points/% for Haste vs 350 points/% for Crit. I also believe we start with 5% crit baseline and 0% haste