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My pleasure :).

As I said previously, I can see a proper foundation in your spell casting. I’m a big believer in being a dependable constant padding factor (as a resto shaman) through a constant flowing spell weave. I often get the feedback from paladins and priest that they like how smooth the healing feels. Because I’m constantly safeguarding the raid through padding (much like druids), they can focus shielding/absorbing/focus-healing targets that are about to be affected by something (or that derp around).

The spell weave as described allows for this. So even if this doesn’t translate to crazy numbers on a fight like Xhul, it does allow the paladins and priests to do what they do best. Be a constant healing factor to your raid. Other healers will get used to this, and add in a way their class does best. Especially in mythic, everyone has to do their job. That means that if you are providing the constant output on Xhul + burst and defensives when needed (at the end), you have done your job. If the raid explodes meanwhile because of people derping, than they failed to do their job.

Good luck, have fun!