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Thank you so much , specially for :”Don’t get insecure, there is no reason for it. If it gets to you in your head, tell yourself they’re idiots” :), your reply took a load of my mind.

Thank you for your pointers aswell, i just have to calm down again, and do what i know is right, and i will go for swiftness for sure.

As i follow your side religiously i already use the timer addon, thanks 🙂

As for grounding totem, we use a tactic where every single one of us apart from 1 ranged group stack under the boss, so i use grounding totem only to help with the imps cast. And as every other fight i seem to get all (i swear ALL;P) fel surges on me and we have to avoid the void fiends in melee aswell, its a lot of running around, and as nervous as i got past 2 weeks, i am sure run way more than needed.

So my do do list: 1. ancestral swiftness 2. spam chainheal more 3. get more EB out (usually i am very good at this, so i should be fine) more confident 5.stay calm 6.have fun.

Thank you again-for the gameplay hints but much more for the emotional boost !

Regards Perelin