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Hi Perelin,

Thank you for posting. This is one of the main reasons why we wanted to make this website. Shamans have a unique profile, which manifests in different ways depending on the fight they’re in. When this is favorable (high heals), everyone is in awe. When it lacks behind (low heals), all of a sudden the pressure is on. A lot of this has to do with knowledge (or the lack thereof). It is obvious that your raid leader is missing knowledge about how different healer specs excel, how they interact, and what that means for a resto shaman on a fight like xhul. Don’t get insecure, there is no reason for it. If it gets to you in your head, tell yourself they’re idiots. Because when it comes to this, they are.

But proof always helps, so let’s go over the basics:

  • Enchants and gems, spot on;
  • Gear… close to BiS (albeit some heroic pieces), nothing that should hold you back;
  • Talents and glyphs, you paid attention. There’s the debacle of Echo of the Elements. If you are running with a disc priest and pala, I’d say your justified to run Ancestral Swiftness (there will be devo, barrier and SLT). Not to mention the total snipe situation that arises in that configuration.

Nothing for your raid leader to twitch about.

Rotation, and overall spell usage (I’m using the logs for both kills, wipe logs on xhul are like explosions on land mines):

  • Healing stream uptime:
    • 28th of April: 4.51 min fight length (291 seconds) / 30 sec (hst cd) = 9,7 = 9, you casted it 6 times (6/9 = 0,67) which is a 67% uptime.
    • 16th of May: 4.36 min fight length (239 seconds (you died early)) / 30 sec (hst cd) = 7,97 = 7, you casted it 6 times (6/7 = 0,86) which is a 86% uptime.
  • Riptide casts:
    • 28th of April: 291 sec fight length / 5 sec (riptide cd) = 59,2 = 58. You casted riptide 46 times (46/58 = 0,79) which is a 79% uptime.
    • 16th of May: 239 sec fight length / 5 sec (riptide cd) = 47,8 = 47. You casted riptide 38 times (38/47 = 80,9) which is a 81% uptime.
  • Elemental blast casts:
    • 28th of April: 291 sec fight length / 12 sec (elemental blast cd) = 24,25 = 24. You casted it 6 times (6/24 = 0,25) which is an uptime of 25%.
    • 16th of May: 291 sec fight length / 12 sec (elemental blast cd) = 24,25 = 24. You didn’t cast it?
  • Healing Tide:
    • 28th of April: two times, of which one in the big bang phase.
    • 16th of May: once, before the big bang phase (half way into the fight).
  • Ascendance:
    • 28th of April: once, at the end of the big bang phase.
    • 16th of May: once, at the start of the big bang phase.
  • Spirit Link Totem:
    • 28th of April: twice, in the big bang phase
    • 16th of May: twice, in the big bang phase
  • Grounding Totem:
    • 28th of April: the ability Void Surge was cast 9 times, you used grounding totem 4 times. With 4/9 casts, an uptime of 44%.
    • 16th of May: the ability Void Surge was cast 8 times, you used grounding totem 3 times. With 3/8 casts, an uptime of 37,5%.
  • Mana levels on the 26th of April: you end the fight on 25% mana and you never dipped lower. You did not use any potions.
  • Mana levels on the 18th of April: you end the fight on 25% mana (dead) and you never dipped lower. You did not use any potions.

The basics are there. You are not doing funky stuff. However, I can tell you how to get more out of the fight. Since it is mythic, my level of nitpicking will be higher.


You can spend more mana. There are gaps in your chain heal casting (10 seconds downtime). You are sitting on a mountain of mana, you’re not using potions (start using them). If you really can’t find a way to spend all that mana (which I find hard to believe when overhealing 70% of the fight), you can always pop your intel pot during the last healing tide (it can be so pretty). Start weaving in elemental blast more. For the same reason: because you can spend more. So to summarize: push more spells out, spend that mana. Use the means you have to gather more mana, so you can spend even more mana. Remember that healing rain can be a good mana spender since its crazy expensive. Don’t forget that pushing more spells generally will mean higher output as well. This will be a learning trajectory as you spend more and more time in mythic.

Spell weave

Xhulhorac is a whack-a-mole fight. Up to the last bit, it doesn’t matter much what you do for others to live or not. That is why you should stick to a solid spell weave up to that point. The priest and the paladins will shield / beacon targets that are about to take damage. There’s nothing you can do about it. Your priority should be healing stream (I tend to pair them with fel surge), riptide, elemental blast. Filled with chain heal, alternated with healing surge (to spend some tidal waves). Try to achieve 85% + on those three abilities (riptide, hst, eb). You can do it, you were close with your riptide casts on both kills.


You’re saving your cd’s (all three) for the last phase. That is the way to go. Since your kills currently last over 4 minutes, there’s the opportunity to squeeze healing tide and ascendance in at the start (0-1,5 minutes). In our article about cooldown usage (Article Right Here), we mention an addon (at the end of the article). This shows you how long you’ve been in the fight, allowing you to safely pop a cd based on timers. I suggest you start benefitting from this if you aren’t already. You double popped HTT on one of the kills, no reason to not do that more often.

You are currently running double SLT, at the opportunity cost of 5% haste and an instant cast (ancestral swiftness). One kill you were running with a disc priest and a holy paladin. As previously mentioned, this would be a great opportunity to swap in the haste talent. You will have three defensive healer cd’s (barrier + 2x SLT vs. barrier + devo +SLT).

Grounding Totem

I understand you have multiple shamans in the raid. But even if you assign grounding totem duty to others, there’s no reason to snipe it away anyways. Be that guy that controls every void surge, just because you can. It will improve your skills as a raider, and the respect you get in the group.

Last but not least

It seems like we’re on the same realm. If you ever need help, or you need someone to deal with your raid leader :), feel free to poke!

All the best, Dorelei.