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Hi Gabriele! I started playing the game on an arcane mage too! Since Mists I am glued to my resto shaman :D.

Stats in Legion. Now this is an interesting one. Shockeye also triggered on this subject in response to my raid testing article. I guess its time to do a little Legion guess work and contemplation!

First of all, stats are being cleaned up! Multistrike is gone, and so far I have not seen any spirit. Spirit being the most notable change, since this affects our regeneration.

How did we regenerate in WoD? Aside from our base mana regeneration in and out of combat, there was spirit from gear. A spirit weapon enchant (mostly at the start of the expansion). Elemental Blast (continuous regeneration in combat), instant mana potions and channeled mana potions. We had ‘Resurgence’ (mana being refunded through crits), although not as strong (and not as available in terms of stats on gear) as in Mists of Pandaria.

So far in Legion, you have your base mana regeneration, your resurgence (crits), and that’s it. I haven’t seen Alchemy yet, but I assume we will still have potions (can anyone confirm?). So at this point, there is a few options where our strenght can come from:

  • Mastery – making our heals more effective
  • Crit – returning mana when critting
  • Haste – spending (and indrectly returning) mana quicker
  • Versatility – very tuning dependent (not highly tuned in Warlords)
  • Leech – works well, but messes with your numbers (also more preferable the higher the dps is – end of expansion)

So theoretically, if buffed properly, there could be a scenario in which you start hoarding versatility. I’m not saying this will happen, but it could.

But let’s look at the availability of stats on gear in Legion. Because, the stat that will be most available to us, will most likely form a foundation of our healing build. This is what our artifact looks like right now:

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Both our main and off hand have mastery and crit. Interesting! Also, look how the stat panel cleaned up nicely! Haste is the hardest stat to come by at this point. Please mind that you start out with 5% crit, 0% haste and 24% mastery (explaining the gap between the three) if you’re not wearing any gear at level 110. Aditionally, resto shamans benefit relatively more from mastery (+1 point of mastery means + 31 points of mastery).

For 4832 points of crit, I gained 13.81% (roughly 350 points per 1%). For 5176 points of mastery, I gained 44.37% (roughly 116.7 points per 1%). This means that you gain 3 times (350/116=3.017) more mastery from the same amount of stats.

We won’t be facing the same shields we were facing in the past expansion (changes to disc and pala’s). Mastery will still be important to us (its our foundation). But how this will actually play out will dependent greatly on trinkets, set bonusses and availability. Also interplay with other healers can affect this.

Long story short, I have no idea. It can go in any direction, and all the factors mentioned above (and probably more) will affect the final outcome. If you digged up any info that could matter to this discussion, feel free to drop a line!