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Hey there Ketra, I have looked over the kill and two other pulls that extended 5 minutes and this is what I found.


Riptide; This is being cast pretty consistently, although there is a slight room for improvement. You average around 7,5 seconds between casts, so it’s not terrible.

Healing Stream Totem; This needs a bit more attention, it is a massive fire and forget ability that you have to press as soon as it’s ready. You won’t get ‘easier’ healing than this. Your average across the 3 pulls I looked at is around 45 seconds between casts, so there is a bit to pick up there.

Healing Rain; This spell has significantly higher value on this fight compared to others due to it’s ability to ramp up healing during phase 2 and 3. You have to keep it up as close to 100% of the time as you can.


This is a bit inconsistent across the fights, there are two pulls of equal length and on one of them you only use a single cooldown while using all of them on the other.
Ascendance; For this you should try if you can cast a Healing Rain before using it and then don’t think about doing anything outside of spamming Chain Heal for the maximum effect, of course it may vary if you have a raider spiking low that you are forced to put your attention to.

Healing Tide; Looking at the times you cast your cooldowns I see that you wait until ~4:30 on two of the pulls before using Healing Tide Totem. If you know you have to wait 3+ minutes before popping a major cooldown, you might as well pop it early on ensuring that you have it ready for when you really need it, and to pad a little extra. Sitting on a cooldown is in almost every case a waste.

Great to see that you’re pairing Berserking with cooldowns, but try to always use it with a cooldown since we won’t bring big dps to the table. View it as Healing Tide, will it be required within the first 3 minutes? If so then hold on to it till it’s required, otherwise pop it with a cooldown early on (while making sure they’re ready when you need them).

Spirit Link; This is the hardest spell to evaluate, despite being the strongest in our arsenal. On a fight like Tyrant it is massive to use on the Edicts, it will add the 10% damage reduction and even out HP making healing a lot more efficient. Will also be strong on the Gavels, although it might require a reposition of the totem after being knocked back.


Tyrant is not exactly the pinnacle of movement fights in HFC, but it still calls for optimizing it at crucial moments.
Spiritwalker’s Grace; looks pretty spot on, although on a single pull (the kill) it was used only once at the beginning, meaning that it could’ve been used again for phase 3 where it is usually a massive tool to have at hand. (Goes for the two other pulls as well)

Unleash Life; looks good, when you cast it it is mostly followed up by movement so very nice on that part. It just is a bit inconsistent how often you cast it, which is perfectly understandable due to movement being vastly different from pull to pull. But on the kill you only cast it three times, all of these before even entering phase 2.


Your mana reservoir ends up completely depleted which is good, although there is a downside to this, because the road there is a bit rough. On one pull you spend around 2 minutes with less than 10% mana left, which is not ideal. Phase 3 is not as healing intensive as the other two but it still requires for you to respond when something happens.
This can be helped since your Elemental Blast has room for improvement with <20% uptime, and a potential for >50% uptime.

As you (the guild) get better gear and thus faster kills you will rapidly see that you will have more and more mana to endure the fight.

Tips & Tricks

I can see that you popped Earth Elemental, and unless you’re forced to because you’ll die to adds otherwise you should never use it. It barely does any damage despite it being pretty costly in regards of mana.

You should consider running with Conductivity on this fight (and this fight only) it will free up a few casts that you’d otherwise use casting new Healing Rains, it will also grant you a little bit more mana. This alone will make it a lot easier to keep it up close to 100% of the fight. When hitting phase 3 I know it tends to involve quite a bit of movement, that shouldn’t stop you from casting Healing Rains, you just have to be clever when placing them. See if you are able to cover the spot that you’re in at a given time and also cover the spot you’re moving to next.

Also Echo shouldn’t be required on this boss anymore, which means that you are in such a luck, that you can swap it out for 5% additional passive haste and an instant cast every once in a while. It will do wonders for numbers while making the class feel more fluent when casting. The instant cast also opens up for a lot of interesting combos, casting a Healing Rain on the move or prepping it for a big snipe. (Be careful Haste is a mana negative stat)

Then we have the biggest villain (if you look on pure numbers) LEECH! This will rob you and your party of any healing when looking at meters and logs. The trinket is amazing, but if you want to output raw healing it’s your nemesis.

I’m not really sure what to believe when I look up your armory, something tells me that you’ve been really unlucky? Or at least I am going to assume so since you are running around with blue bracers. 😀

Hope this will spark some ideas! 🙂