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Here’s a couple of things I’m noticing from this post.

A) Those logs don’t show very much when you break them down.  Considering 2 of the 4 top heals were the tanks, meaning there was overall more damage for you to heal.  This is a pretty unrealistic scenario most of the time which causes resto shammys to shine more. Your healing really spiked during the last phase of Argus (which it should). But this throws off your meters because the amount of healing here is absurd, and it looks like it was all on you to do that.  Shamans have the healing to pull this off, regardless of your build to be honest.

B) I don’t agree with a “healing rotation”.  Healing isn’t DPS where there is an optimal rotation to maximize damage, healing is a very proactive and reactive role that changes regularly.  Whereas this guide may help people who are severely struggling, I think it will also lock people into habits they shouldn’t be in all the time (always starting the fight with Gift of the Naaru, exactly when to use Chain Heal before other casts, etc etc).  You may have an idea of what you want to do on a fight if you know the mechanics well, but you can’t rely on things going 100% according to plan.

C) Talents are very situational.  I, personally, would never run with your talents during a M+ or a fight where being regularly spread is needed (Immonar).

I personally don’t like Undulation.  To me, it is too much upkeep to try and time that third heal with when it will be most effective.  This also would probably explain why you have over 20% overhealing with Healing Wave on that Argus fight.  Unless you aren’t going to have ANY strong single target healers, this does not play into the Shaman healing strength nearly as much as Torrent does.

I also don’t really understand Earthgrab over Lightning Surge. Lightning Surge is objectively better in all situations.

I go back and forth on Crashing Waves and AG.  To me, if I had the ability to switch more often, I would flip between those depending on the fight.  Currently, I use AG more often because it synergizes so well with our other big and small CD’s during heavy raid damage.  I didn’t find that the extra charges were really impacting any fights in Raid that much.  I do prefer CW during M+ though.

For how often you use healing wave and chain heal, I don’t understand why you don’t roll with Ancestral Vigor.  It is a huge upgrade over Ancestral Protection, unless you absolutely need another battle rez type of ability (could see it during Heroic or Mythic Argus).

Not a huge fan of High Tide either.  To me, Ascendance has always provided more use.  It may result in slightly less HPS, but Ascendance regularly saves raids during high raid damage moments.  Even during M+ I find that it helps much more on fights than an extra chain heal target does.

All opinions obviously, but I still rock high parses with low overhealing and do my job of keeping the raid alive.