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Oh yeah – looks like I let healing rain fall off between the 2:45 and 3 minute mark during phase 2. Definitely should mind that better. Thanks for that reminder.

I was really stressing out about my Cd usage even though I read up a lot and watched a lot of videos. Since we haven’t really seen phase 3 yet, I think I will still worry until I see it for myself :P. I do have echo, and my plan is to use SLT for the 2nd hammer in phase 2 (we were getting rocked) and then use it again for phase 3 hammer.

I barely have to move for tempest in phase 1. Its like 2 little movements for the whole thing, which I usually cast RT when I move, then a heal while waiting for the 2nd pulse, then another riptide (since I’m running echo for 2 slt) while I move back. Then I Try to remember to use UL to get over to the stack point for phase 2.

I love the tip about saving SWG for the knock back in phase 3. That will be awesome – thanks.