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Hey Acce,

Looking through your logs, there’s a couple things I noticed.

1) You don’t seem to use riptide very often.  In your second logs link, you only have 111 casts of Riptide out of 15 total pulls.  For comparison, in one of my recent raids, I used Riptide 513 times out of 17 total pulls.  I don’t have Echo, so that is with the standard CD.  Riptide was my highest healing ability, closely followed by Healing Rain.  This, to me, means you are not utilizing Riptide on CD.  It’s a 6 second CD and there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t be using it close to the cooldown.

2) Similar situation with Healing Stream.  You only have 48 casts of it, while I have 111.  Another ability that you should try to keep up as much as possible for passive healing.  Exception would be if you know you have to soak something soon and want to utilize the damage reduction from it.

3) You have Chain Heal as your highest healing ability, but it is also responsible for 41% overhealing.  This makes me believe you are spamming chain heal often.  My guess would be you are running oom early on some of these fights because of that.  You have 191 chain heals to my 114…however my chain heals actually did more effective healing and only had 12% overhealing.  You should really only be using chain heal during AoE raid damage scenarios, especially heavier raid damage.

4) Gift of the Queen.  You only cast it 1 time it looks like from the log.  I don’t know if this is bugged or if you actually do not use it.  Gift is a fantastic AoE heal right after a burst of damage.

5) Healing Wave + Healing Surge.  Together, you only have 166 Healing Waves and 117 Healing Surges (283 total).  Compare that to your 191 Chain Heals and 111 Rip Tides (302), you are already wasting Rising Tide stacks. This means you aren’t throwing out single target heals in between CH and RT uses, and it definitely means you aren’t using Healing Wave to efficiently heal or Healing Surge during single target burst damage.

6) Other notes:  It seems like you are underutilizing Healing Rain, even if it is one of your highest healing abilities.  My thoughts are that you are going oom to fast and afraid to use it.

This post is a few weeks old now, and I can see you’ve changed up your talents and have better gear now.  What I will say though…

1) I disagree that High Tide is better than Ascendance in Antorus.  In my experience, it just contributes to more overhealing and not as much effective healing.  Ascendance is great to have on almost every fight, since there are a ton of heavy raid damage moments where it can be a lifesaver combined with CB totem.

2) You have a TON of versatility. 14% is crazy….I am about 3% right now.  I personally want to up my versatility a bit and lower my haste a bit, but you can definitely sacrifice some of that versatility for more haste and a little more crit.

If you can, post a more recent log.  I’d be curious to see how you are doing now with better gear and different talents!