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Hi Fistfury!

First of all, it took some time to look at your post. Vacation and all (wooo!). But it is so nice to read that someone actually already read through some of the earlier posts :P. And indeed, heroic makes it a little bit difficult sometimes. Then again, in heroic it is usually general playstyle that makes the biggest difference to begin with. Let’s have a look! I hope you can stand me just having discussions by myself in detail, because I’m in a rambling mood today :P.

Amory inspection

Ok well.. nothing too fancy here. Proper enchants, talent choices. Although, do you really Earth Grab that much? Perhaps Windwalk could offer your team a few more conviences. Think Socrethar and Gorefiend. At Socrethar there are the green lanes you can pass through without being slowed with Windwalk up. And at Gorefiend, the slow AND damage from the essences casts are being FULLY mitigated. I get all excited just thinking about it. Besides, next expac: rip Windwalk. So enjoy it while it lasts.

I also see Echo of the Elements. Chances are, you can swap that to Ancestral Swiftness. Do you really need those two spirit links? I haven’t seen your logs yet, but you probably can manage with just one. In return you’ll get a bunch of passive haste, and an instant cast. Since you don’t have Demonic Phylactery yet, this might hurt your mana a little if you go ham on fights. Take it for a spin, and see if you can manage. If not, then I’m sure you’ll appreciate the playstyle of Ancestral Swiftness when you finally get your hands on that glorious Phylactery.

Also, an exotic Glyph or Purify Spirit spotted ;-D. Tell the other healers to do their job instead of speccing into this thing. Having that 8 second cooldown is very convenient. You might run into annoying situations at other bosses when having a 12 second cooldown. I can understand people trying this for example Socrethar when the interrupts are a mess and the healers are slacky. Truth is, you can’t catch up by using two charges when interrupts are aweful. Because after you’ve dispelled, there will be new debuffs. It doesn’t solve the problem. On (for example) council, you can just dispel at 25 and 17 seconds before the reap comes in. Using this glyph is like using echo of the elements. You have charges, but at the expense of an irregular availability and longer wait time for the next charge. Try dispelling in a flow instead of saving up charges (when there’s something to dispel – dispel on cooldown). There’s not much else you can do anyways. And when there’s a regular pattern to dispelling, you can make a habit of weaving it in – ensuring high uptimes.

Time for the logs!

I’ll be looking mostly at the Socrethar logs from the 30th of March. The thing I find interesting is that on none of your tries you seem to have casted Healing Tide and Ascendance more than once per pull. You did 14 pulls that night, out of which 9 lasted longer than 4,5 minutes. In my mind, any fight that lasts longer than 4,5 minutes should have an opportunity to use your output cooldowns twice.

General spellcasting seems to be solid. Sure you sometimes give less prio to elemental blast, and sometimes you slack on your healing stream totem. But the basic concept is there (riptide, chain heal, healing stream, ele blast – filled with HW/HS/HR).

Most of your mana curves show a proper spending pattern. Ending fairly OoM and gaining with a mana potion. Since you don’t have the Phylactery yet, stay on top of your Ele blast more to increase your sustain. You could also consider to use ‘Draenic Channeled Mana Potions’. This restores more mana, but requires you to sit down for a few seconds. I usually first cast Elemental Blast (spirit buff) before channeling.

There were three 8-minute fights. If you used both your cd’s by the first 1,5 minutes. And use them at a logical point when they come off cooldown (around the 4,5 minute mark). Then you can finish the fight (in between the 7th and 8th minute) with your 3rd round of major cd’s. Imagine what that would mean for your healing! Look back on your logs, or even have live logging enabled. That way you can just check on a wipe how your cooldowns played out.

Additionally… you don’t need massive damage taken to justify a cooldown. If you know you’ll have cooldowns back up later to use when needed, why not splurge here and there. If there’s some minor AoE happening in the first minute of a fight, why not pop Healing Tide? Every bit of damage will be sniped by your totem and no other healer will be tempted to pop a major cooldown. Personally, I even tend to precast my Ascendance and HTT, just so that I reduce the risk of someone popping a cooldown at the same time.

Overall, push more cooldowns into your pulls and keep reflecting on it through your logs. Stay focused in your spell weaving – don’t get distracted (stay on top of Riptide, Ele blast, healing stream). Try swapping to channeled mana potions – unless you really really can’t sit down.
I hope this was helpful to you.