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I don’t know HOW I managed to get by without my Naga. Going from a regular old mouse to a Logitech “gaming” mouse with a few buttons on it and to the Naga Razer was GAME CHANGING.

I would say 95% of all my spells are permanently bound. I have a couple of spells I “swap” in and out of a certain keybind, depending on the fight. The majority of my healing spells are all non modifier buttons on the side of my mouse(1-12). The only modifier I use is shift + (1-12) on the side of my mouse. I don’t use any ALT or CTRL modifiers. Ghost wolf and water shield are bound to the two top buttons on my mouse while flame shock = mouse wheel up, interrupt = shift + mouse wheel up, mouse wheel down = searing totem and shift + mouse wheel down = astral shift.

It all depends on what you’re comfortable with. I would say most definitely get yourself a gaming mouse. Naga is great, I just bought my second one this past Black Friday on sale for 40 bucks. The normal retail price is around $60-80 so not bank-breaking by any means. Good luck!