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Are you two aware that this healing does not show up on the traditional meters

Yes. I’m less concerned with the overall healing numbers than ensuring the play style is correct.

Going to add the advice that I got from Cannibehealz and Sensations to the thread so it’s in one place.


Regarding your Resto Shamans – it would appear that on top of overhealing the content there are two glaring issues. The first being that they are not aggressive enough with their casting habits. The both of them are on the bottom of the casts count for the encounter. While Chain Heal is a longer cast, they should not be THAT far below others. if you’re continuing to cast at all times, you will likely see an average mid 720s shaman manage around 30 casts per minute. Your shamans are both under 25 at 21 and 24. On top of this, they manage to overlap cooldowns a significant amount and under use them. First HTT being over 4.5 mins into the fight for both of them, they both lost 1 use each. They also only used Asc once each and not until late. Both of these abilities are free healing and should be maximized at all times.


During his Ascendance, he didn’t have a HR down, didn’t use CH or pre-setup riptides for max bounces, it was also used at a very poor time. Ascendance requires some setup to be used at the max(HR down, ~3-4 riptides out, and just spamming CH).

His Healing Stream Totem usage was very poor, he had the potential of 12 healing stream totems yet he only placed 5. This is huge when you run the talent Rushing Streams, which it looks like he’s running.

His Chain heal only bounced 5.3x on average, it can bounce 6x per cast. This means he was either Chain Healing players not close enough to others, or he didn’t have enough riptides out for the extra 2 bounces to bounce to.

He had 5 healing rain cast, with the maximum potential for 36. In this scenario and type of fight he should’ve had at least 10-12 healing rains if not more.

Basically he needs to remember to utilize his management abilities. HST near on cd, Healing rain when you know damage is coming. He needs to watch his Ascendance usage, it’s a huge spell in our arsenal, he needs to setup for it properly. He needs to manage riptide better with chain heal, Chain Heal is our bread and butter, the term spamming CH is very real, a 6 bounce CH(If enough riptides are out and in range) does significant healing and will make or break a shaman, especially during Ring and Ascendance. Seems like he’s just misplaying the micro game, maybe larger notifications/weakauras can help.